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Buena Hot Yoga

It will change the way you think.

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255 W. Wilcox Ave., Sierra Vista, AZ

Located in Buena Health and Fitness

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About us

Our Story

I fell in love with Yoga in my early 20’s, while studying Art in France at Université de Montpellier,  Languedoc. I quickly found myself focused on Bikram® and Sumits® Hot Yoga, as they seemed to give the most mental benefits, flexibility, toning, and strength.


After I moved to Sierra Vista, I found there were no real Hot Yoga Studios. The closest Hot Yoga Studios were in Tucson. For nearly 3 years I made the 3-4 hour round trip 2-3 a week. It didn’t take long for this to not only take a toll on me, but also my wallet with cost of gas and stopping to eat. And by the time I got home, the day was shot. So, after 30 years as a student and instructor I decided to jump in with both feet and open my own studio.


As we developed our program, we focused on the best features from a mix of Yoga disciplines for maximum results. We found that keeping the room temperature between 95-100° F with a humidity of 60-75% achieved our goal. We then customized a soundtrack sequenced to the postures, with modern, current popular music*. Unlike some studios where the instructor call the session, our instructions are recorded along with the soundtrack. This allows our instructors to not only assist but also participate.  We believe the best method of instructing is to do it too. Our instructors are also students, we learn from you too. Our other sessions such as Hot Balletone and Warm Vinyasa Flow incorporate the instructor calling the class, with subtle music in the background.


Yoga has many disciplines and is always evolving, we are constantly looking at the new and incorporating them into our program. And we are always open to suggestions and ideas to improve, as that is the ultimate goal, improve our mind, body and inner-self!

No affiliation with Bikram or Sumits Yoga is implied.

*music appropriately licensed from songwriter, publisher and/or artist as required

Hot Yoga Club SV was founded in Feb, 2017, the first and original real hot yoga studio with sustained temperatures above 95 and humidity above 65% in Sierra Vista to enhance the sense of mindfulness and peace in the local community. We offer therapeutic heated cardio yoga to achieve and maintain your optimal health. Whether you are experiencing pain or simply want to improve your physical and mental well-being, Hot Yoga Club SV provides a healing, friendly and comfortable environment to do so.

Our Hot Room

2 Foggers


Our Hot Room


  • Three industrial sized heaters

  • Separate Boiler and Pump room

  • Industrial air purifier and fogger system

While initially researching the heating and humidification system for our Yoga Studio, we consulted with the experts. The biggest concern was the keeping the room clean, virus and bacteria free, healthy. If you’ve ever used one the consumer humifications system readily available from most department stores or online, you will know that the system has to be cleaned after every use with anti-bacterial disinfectant and even then, it’s still not 100% clean. After months of research and consultation, we opted to utilize industrial heating and humidification system used in semi-conductor (computer chips) manufacturing. Needless to say, this system is expensive and required a specialized installation team. But we feel it is money well spent. The humidification utilizes a sophisticated "decorrelation" process and then delivers the purified water through a fogger system which atomizes the water vapor down to 4 microns. This system not only produces no condensation, but also helps in destroying bacteria, viruses, mold, dust and pollen. The heating system is designed to also assist in maintaining this clean, healthy environment through a dry heat delivery system. The complete system consists of 3 heating units and 2 foggers to ensure a consistent temperature and humidity in the dead of winter.

The perfect system, a safe, clean, healthy Hot Yoga room.


3 Heaters

Our Location

In May of 2019, we decided to team up with Buena Health and Fitness to expand our services and open one of the only cool-mist therapeutic Hot Rooms in the country. Buena Fitness is the 1st and only veteran family owned & operated Gym in Sierra Vista, opening its doors in 1979! Our partnership will ensure optimum options to the Sierra Vista region, with a full-service gym, multiple locker rooms, restrooms, showers, ample parking, various class and personal trainer options, and a very convenient location!


The owners at Buena Fitness have 40 years experience in running fitness locations, training, body building, and coaching athletes to achieve World Heavy Weight UFC Titles. This is what separates them from everybody else - and their members get to share in that blessing, their greatest joy.  

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Bikram 26 & 2 with Music
60 minute Xpress

"Original Sequence" and "#2 Sequence" 

Cardio Flow Power Yoga

60 minute and 90 minute

Hot Vinyasa with Jamie
60 minute

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Hot Power with Joseph
60 minute

Hot60_Hot Buti® with Pier
60 minute