We include free purified cool water refills and our famous mint towels at the end of every session, which help in cool down and recovery, invigorating the senses for the perfect yoga experience! 

First time customers do not need a Buena Pass to try, you only need to purchase the $20 Drop-In Hot Yoga Club Session Pass. PLEASE BRING ID IN FOR THE FRONT DESK! After trying the sessions for (3) times at the $20 ea. drop-in rate, you will then need to purchase the Buena Class Pass which is a small $10/month flat fee, please inquire at front desk. It is only $8.25/month if you pay for the whole year up front ($99). Then you can purchase the regular Hot Yoga passes from the website (1-$15/5-$55/10-$100).

Buena also has temporary low-cost memberships for people visiting, traveling, Military who are PCS-ing soon, etc, please give them a call at 520-378-2461 to inquire!

The other option is that some people are already full Buena Gym members ($19.99/monthly), passes are then cut to half price at $7.50 each! (For that I would need to send you a private link, as I cannot publish that price publicly,

please contact me! 609-760-5455)

Please cancel any reservation you've made at least 12 hours before the session

in order to not be charged for that session. Thank you!

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early,

to acclimate to the heat, situate your mat in the studio, relax, and fill out any other necessary items if needed.