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Catherine started practicing Hot Yoga with us several months ago, and already her doctor is seeing vast improvement in her spine and mobility. 

"While I physically cannot do all the postures, I still try.... I think if people see a person (like me) with disabilities getting it done, maybe they will stop making excuses about practicing regularly themselves! I just want people to stop thinking they have reasons for making excuses. I bring my friends to Hot Yoga, just to have them SHOW UP, and if it's not their cup of tea, at least they can say they tried. There are those days where I am completely exhausted (B12 and iron deficient, I take iron infusions/B12 shots weekly) but never too tired to make an excuse not to come!"


This is an x-ray of Catherine's spine.

85% of her spine is fused with metal, from a horeseback riding accident. She is one of the most determined people we have ever met, and her persistance is paying off in her healing, and it shows!


This is Catherine's scar. She never tries to hide it! She has a beautiful practice, and we hope to see her attending and improving forever!

Pier F.

"This class has changed my life! It's an awesome way to start or end the day, and you'll love Mary Beth! I do ultra trail and mountain running events, and in the year that I've been coming to class, my endurance and speed have improved dramatically. Highly recommend it!"

Justin W.

"My recommendation is from the point of view of the first year yoga student who appreciates the exertion and conditioning of a Vinyasa practice but was TERRIFIED of hot yoga. This club was the absolute best experience I could have hoped for finally taking the plunge. Mary Beth is a terrific instructor and is very welcoming and helpful with demonstration and spotting during the practice. I got a full explanation upon arrival and grasped an understanding that the technology they use to heat the space actually is designed to improve health - a DOUBLE effect workout. I will continue to practice with this club and I am assured that I will enjoy every chance I can make it."

Ren R.

"Great class-hot and sweaty! I like that every class is Bikram style (the same poses each class) so you can really focus on improving each pose. This is the first class I have ever taken that has mirrors. I really like that as well so you can adjust you alignment by what you see. Great music and vibe. I only wish classes were more often!"

Amy A.

"When I started doing hot yoga, I couldn't even touch my toes. I was stressed out and out of shape but I stuck with it. A year-and-a-half later, I feel strong and confident. I believe yoga offer something for every person, whether it's stress relief, fitness, or community. I've made wonderful friends there and it's help me to find inner peace."

Victoria F.

"Great work out, great environment. Everyone is so friendly. I feel comfortable when I go at my own pace, I never feel judged."

Diana S.

"I never imagined I could be limber enough to perform yoga poses until I tried Hot Yoga. The heating element allows for my muscle to become flexible enough to perform and hold each pose and allowing me to stretch more than I ever could with regular yoga. The combination of heat and humidity makes me sweat so much. allowing my body to rid itself of toxins. By the end of the class I feel exhausted but rejuvenated. The class is so easy to follow and I don't feel judged or overwhelmed when I can't do a certain pose. Mary Beth is a great guide and instructor. It's a life changing experience."

Colleen S.

"The best studio... the best temp... the real deal!"

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